Welcome to my blog! Here, I'll post sessions I've photographed along with photos I snap throughout my everyday life. I was born & raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. That's where I started my business, where the first wedding I shot was 2006! I've recently moved to the Dallas, Texas area. I have a stellar husband and amazing twin baby boys!

I shoot only in natural light and love me some sun flare! I graduated from UNLV with a BA in Art, and feel that all my art classes help me to create great images. Thanks for stopping by!

Monthly Archives: August 2011

Show & Tell {Fort Worth - The Stockyards} • Dallas, TX Photographer

On Saturday my hubs and I went to the Fort Worth Stockyards and it was fabulous! We just loved the atmosphere. We ate at an amazing restaurant. (I got a pulled pork sandwich and he got a brisket sandwich, in case you were wondering.) We got fantastic cupcakes, our favorite being the maple bacon, we...

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Show & Tell {Pinterest} • Dallas, TX Photographer

By now, I’m sure many or all of you (gals) have a pinterest. If we aren’t following each other, we need to remedy that. If you are skeptical, let me count the ways it is amazing:
1. It catagorizes your awesome online finds onto any board you’d like AND keeps the link to where you originally...

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Texas Shooters • DFW, TX Photographer

I have met some amazing gals in the Texas Shooters group on Facebook. We had a little get together at this amazing location and had fun not only taking photos but also playing the model role, (something I am NOT great at). haha
Isn’t this place awesome?? It’s the Cotton Mill in Mckinney, TX. I would...

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Show & Tell {The Help} • Dallas, TX Photographer

I LOVE to read. I’m pretty sure books like Harry Potter and Twilight got me into reading again.. and then The Hunger Games.. and so many more! I finished The Help not too long ago and it was a fabulous book! I am really impressed that it is the author’s first book. If you haven’t...

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Crying Babies • Dallas, Texas Photographer

“It’s my party {birthday} and I’ll cry if I want to!” Ok, so I won’t cry on my bday today but I DO think crying babies are adorable! Yep, I said it. I just love em! So stinkin’ cute! And yes, that means I don’t have kids yet so I get to love looking at...

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