Welcome to my blog! Here, I'll post sessions I've photographed along with photos I snap throughout my everyday life. I was born & raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. That's where I started my business, where the first wedding I shot was 2006! I've recently moved to the Dallas, Texas area. I have a stellar husband and amazing twin baby boys!

I shoot only in natural light and love me some sun flare! I graduated from UNLV with a BA in Art, and feel that all my art classes help me to create great images. Thanks for stopping by!

Baby Brody Sneak Peek - Las Vegas Newborn Portrait Photographer

I just had to post a sneak peek before I leave for Boise tomorrow. I will have many more to share when I get back! :) I fell in love with this shot while going through the photos and can’t decide if I like the color or black & white better! Which do you like best?

Las Vegas Newborn Portrait Photographer

Las Vegas Newborn Portrait Photographer

Las Vegas Newborn Portrait Photographer

Chelsea Allred - you know i cant lie to myself and will usually pick color...but..i do love it in black and white as well.. too darn cute!

Emily - I love the black and white one, I can't wait to see the rest. Thanks again girl have fun on your trip!

Rachel Frey - At first glance I was going to say color, now I can't decide! Very cute pic!

Clayton - Color fo sho. I typically go for black and white when it comes to back-lit pics, but there's so much more detail and feeling captured in the color version of this one. Awesome job.

Judy - I don't know em -- I think I like the color one better??? Beautiful picture either way!!

ambyr - hey! thanks for the sweet comment about slade!!! do you guys know that family? how is it shotting in vegas?! I just had a sister in law move from there....

Jessica Downey - Love the lighting. I definitely like color for this one!

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