Welcome to my blog! Here, I'll post sessions I've photographed along with photos I snap throughout my everyday life. I was born & raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. That's where I started my business, where the first wedding I shot was 2006! I've recently moved to the Dallas, Texas area. I have a stellar husband and amazing twin baby boys!

I shoot only in natural light and love me some sun flare! I graduated from UNLV with a BA in Art, and feel that all my art classes help me to create great images. Thanks for stopping by!

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I’m alive. - Dallas, TX Photographer

I promise! I’m alive! I’ve just been working on a couple things…

That’s right, my mister and me are expecting twins this summer. We are beyond excited! Now that I have more energy I’m hoping to shoot more and post more. Just wanted to update everyone (everyone that doesn’t already know that is).

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Crying Babies • Dallas, Texas Photographer

“It’s my party {birthday} and I’ll cry if I want to!” Ok, so I won’t cry on my bday today but I DO think crying babies are adorable! Yep, I said it. I just love em! So stinkin’ cute! And yes, that means I don’t have kids yet so I get to love looking at...

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iheartfaces Challenge {props} • Dallas, TX photographer

I don’t really use many props in my shoots but when people bring stuff they want to include, I LOVE it. Take this little guy for instance. How sweet is he in his lil cowboy hat? Pair it with those big blue eyes and you have one darling boy.
Go check out the other “props” photos...

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Kenzie’s Baby Portraits • Dallas TX Baby Portrait Photographer in Las Vegas

I know Rachel from church back in Las Vegas and was so excited when she wanted to take photos of her new little girl, Kenzie! Kenzie is SO cute. I just love her cheeks and all that hair! It was such a fabulous day to be at Town Square. It was in the morning and...

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Kenzie Baby Portraits Teaser • Dallas TX Baby Portrait Photographer in Las Vegas

It was so great to see Rachel and her new little baby again, in Vegas. Kenzie is getting cuter and cuter! Here is just one little teaser. Isn’t Kenzie so SO cute?! I could just eat those cheeks!

Dallas TX Baby Portrait Photographer in Las Vegas
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